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Volunteer Orientation

  Let’s reach more kids in the Sacramento region with food literacy education. YOU can help! We are largely volunteer-run, with 80 active volunteers. Activities range from hands-on kids’ recipes and crafts in the classroom, Food Literacy Fair, community events and more fennel fun! Join us Wednesday, August 6 at 6pm for...
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Sactown Wings

Coming up on August 23, Food Literacy Center will be partnering with XOSO Sport & Social League to put on Sactown Wings, an event of edamame epic proportions in Fremont Park! There will be a handful of restaurants present, such as Chicago Fire, Blue Cue, and Barwest to name a few, all...
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hanoi grilled chicken

Hanoi grilled chicken

Here’s a delicious and nutritious Vietnamese recipe from Andrea Nguyen’s recent Banh Mi Handbook!  Click on the link for more ideas for how to craft the perfect banh mi: Makes enough for 6 banh mi; takes 1 hour. 1 1⁄2 lbs. (675 g) boneless, skinless chicken thigh 1⁄4 teaspoon sugar Brimming 1⁄4...
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I Ate It!

“Last year, I ate an apple everyday and someone asked me if I was in...
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“Organic fruits and vegetables have more vitamins and taste better!” – Kindergartener at Capitol Heights...
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Food Wiki


Mangosteen is an exotic fruit native to Southeast Asia – and all though it may...
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In Season

What's at markets and how to eat it.
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Food literacy rises to Great White Heights

This past Saturday, fun-loving Sacramentans gathered in Park Tower for Yelp Sacramento’s sold-out event: Great...
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