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Silk Road Persian Night at Formoli’s

Food Literacy Genius, Payam Fardanesh, came to Food Literacy Center because of his passion and expertise on fruit and authentic Persian cuisine. When he’s not volunteer teaching food literacy to kids in the Sacramento area, he’s the owner of a successful beverage company, Silk Road Soda, which took first place...
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Food Literacy Hero: Payam Fardanesh

Jumping jujubes! We are delighted to name Payam Fardanesh this month’s Food Literacy Hero. Payam is the founder of Silk Road Soda and a Food Literacy Genius from our inaugural class. He not only volunteers his time teaching kids about fruits and vegetables, he’s also hosting a very special fundraising dinner, Silk...
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Hearty Banana-Carrot Muffin Recipe

Whip up a batch of these muffins for a wholesome breakfast or treat that is packed full of fiber and vitamins! With whole-wheat flour and lots of shredded carrots, they’re hearty and filling. To top it off, they have a lightly sweet flavor which will make these muffins an instant favorite in your house....
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I Ate It!

“Last year, I ate an apple everyday and someone asked me if I was in...
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“Organic fruits and vegetables have more vitamins and taste better!” – Kindergartener at Capitol Heights...
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Food Wiki

National Food Holidays

Every day of the year, some food is being celebrated somewhere. Some holidays are declared by...
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In Season

What's at markets and how to eat it.
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Food Literacy Journal

This new, quarterly publication is written by local food writers committed to changing our food system....
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